At some point in our business we wondered: why not take advantage of our network built from 20 years of experience in operation and put it at the service of our customers?

This is how we came up with two 2020 innovations of Foliae SRL: the technology laboratory and the 4U R&D service.

Our brand-new technological lab uses a set of tools to analyse the chemical structure and performance of existing products or prototypes, experimental products, semi-finished products, etc.

Making use of our laboratory is a service particularly appreciated by our customers who can receive valuable answers quickly without risking leaks, even accidental ones, to third parties.

The opportunity to test materials in a lab is particularly important not only during the pre-industrialization phase of the product because it allows you to have answers in real time that allow you to make corrections to recipes/technologies as quickly as possible but also in the industrialization phase to accurately and promptly double-check compliance with the original design while avoiding excessive waste.

Last but not least, the lab is the heart of our 4U R&D activity in which, day after day, we test new raw materials, evaluate combinations with new additives, run preliminary studies of correlations between recipes and machine parameters to be used during pre-industrialization tests.

In addition to this, we offer our outsourced R&D package to particularly loyal customers, consisting of developing new products on behalf of third parties, or optimizing processes for any given customized project.