Marketing and Sales

We can perform marketing and sales analysis for the customer who is proposing a new investment for a company aiming to enrich or refresh its product portfolio. We can provide similar analyses for investors who want to understand “where the markets are headed” or where the interest of the end user has shifted. Specifically, the activities we propose are:

  • Product Portfolio analysis;
  • Product marketing matching opportunities;
  • Technical support to sales;
  • Support to Internationalitazion;
  • Research of Sales and Distribution channels;
  • Technical support to marketing;
  • Exhibition preparations and follow up.

Product Portfolio analysis aimed at analysing the sales portfolio to assess whether it is still current or needs to be modernized. The analysis concludes with a series of comments aimed at assessing the current situation and suggestions for creating a medium to long-term sales strategy.
Product marketing that match opportunities
Research of Sales and Distribution channels
Technical support to sales – our organization offers its 20 years’ experience worldwide in the sale of plastics for furniture and flooring. Specifically, we organize theme seminars on sales strategies to apply to products or markets. We can also support you in preparing visits to potential new customers of the industry.

Internationalization support specifically aimed at Italian companies – or countries not normally oriented toward exportation – who would like to expand to new markets. Again, the approach consists of the realization of theme seminars to create the right approach to the new type of customers in the corporate sales network. In addition to this, we support your Company in understanding the legislation in force in the country/geographical area of trade relations and the correct interpretation of the quality standards of products, terms of delivery, methods of payment, etc.

Technical support to marketing –  our company collaborates with one of the most renowned architect firm in Italy that carries out, on request, specific studies to offer our customer the most appealing look to present the products to the end user. We also assist you in your introduction to the major Italian, European and North American trade magazines.

Exhibition preparations and follow up – our company is structured to support you directly or through third parties located on site for the preparation of events such as Fairs and the most prestigious Exhibitions in the world. After the event, we can help you in the drawing up contact analyses, choice of activities to be implemented and preparing a collection of follow-ups from the contacts made at such events.