Our support normally starts from the study of the new product to be industrialized for the first time or to be replicated or from the study of the existing product portfolio to propose new products that are feasible with the existing lines or with targeted investments.

Our technological lab equipped with FTIR spectrophotometer, dynamometer, taber abrasion tester, analytical scale, spectrophotometer, glossmeter and stove allows us to have quick and precise responses. Therefore we are able to answer questions concerning the composition of samples or evaluate specimens obtained from pre-industrialization tests within a few working days.

Then the feasibility study of the industrial project begins and involves various manufacturers of machines, support equipment and management software.

Our contribution consists of acting as a link between these parties and promoting maximum cooperation in the interests of the customer.

Once you have chosen the machines, we help you in choosing the best production layout and in optimizing service lines to ensure advantages in terms of management and energy savings during normal production.

From that point onward we organize production flows, help you in the selection of raw materials, staff to be included in the new plant and in their training according to the Lean Manufacturing Method. After the start-up phase, we support you in the growth of the production capacity, until achievement of the objectives of the BP and we are particularly attentive to the achievement of the efficiency goals. Upon reaching these results, our work will have been done and your organization will be ready to move independently.

This service is valid both for green-field projects and start-ups of new production lines within existing production units.